Your cause can change the World


Charity Revolution’s mission is to provide an affordable mobile app to all sizes of charities and nonprofit organizations.  We use modern technology to deliver your good cause messaging, linking live social media posts and engaging directly with your supporters. Our app will help you to be constantly connected to your supporters and allow them to easily and quickly interact directly with you.

Our apps have been designed to be completely user-friendly for all supporter age groups, being fully integrated to your cause and communication channels. We have even designed an easy admin tool that requires no special skills or training, which will allow messages to be sent instantly or as required. If you know how to send a text message, then you are already able to work with our Apps.

Find out how we can make your life easier by calling (321) 234-2627


Ways that this app can help you save money.

  • You don't need training costs to recruit donors as you do with street canvassing
  • Your App is available 24/7 access which boosts the efficient and quality of your content
  • Helps to build and promote your brand at no additional costs
  • No Advertising costs as used in traditional methods like Newspapers, T.V, and Ad Campaigns, more and more supporters have moved away from traditional to digital donating.
  • Our App does not require additional staff to run or maintain it.
  • You can use your App to generate an income and help to pay for itself.

Find out how we can make your life easier by calling (321) 234-2627