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Design Features

  • Your App is designed and created with your charity in mind, no two apps are the same. Your App will be the hotspot of your community, incorporating the term “Local Community Spirit”.
  • It will highlight and showcase all your branding, images and colors.
  • We will incorporate leading edge features as used in most bespoke Apps you will see in the market today with features like, google maps and directions, photo sharing, rewards, rsvp, online ordering, reviews, messaging service, payment gateways, multimedia, reservations, ecommerce, email integration, mailing list, QR Scanner, Wufoo forms, RSS feeds and more.
  • We price our apps to be best value in the market, you will never pay the prices of a bespoke app or for the development and specialized coding charges like the large famous corporations.
  • Compare prices with app designers and we will surprise you with the quality and designed features of our app it will cost less than your daily coffee and pastry.
    If you are paying more than $8.50 each day for your Starbucks / Panera morning coffee and snack then you will pay less for our app.
    Figures based over a 2-year period
  • Your charity is constantly connected with your supporters who can instantly read news and access your charity from their mobile device, which are never more than 5ft (2m) away from 95% of users. Probably while they are inline ordering their coffees from Starbucks.

Want to sell your merchandise? Simply use the in-App store feature.

Need people to find you? Google Maps gives directions to your locations. Geo coding features can be used to send messages when arriving at an event.

Do you need an RSVP feature? Encourage your guests to respond directly from the app, confirm their attendance to the next fundraising event, and, of course, allow them to share photos, giving your charity even more visibility.

We provide these and many more features in an App customized for your charity.

The App comes in two versions, a standard version to get you started, and a premier version where most of your charity needs will be met.

Your charity is constantly connected with your supporters who can instantly read news and access your charity from their mobile device, which are never more than 5ft (2m) away from 95% of users.

Technology & Design

Engine - Extremely simple and intuitive design engine that allows for a great mobile experience for your users.
Fonts - Uses the Google Font library – with over 800 fonts supported we will match your branding

Icons – have your own icons no worries we will add them, we have 1000’s of stock library icons. We will also custom design icons depending on your branding

MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT - You have the freedom to use a single app in multiple countries or in any situation where your users speak different languages.

Progressive Web Apps

PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS- Mobile apps built with progressive technology, being mobile friendly. They are delivered through the user's web browser which allows for a seamless experience. No need to download an app.


  • No need to download an app.
    Works on all devices and has features that work offline like native apps.
  • Private secure weblink, no searching app stores or finding competitors apps.
  • No need to update each time Android or iOS have an update.
  • Constantly live – quicker to use than Native apps.
    Easy to use on all devices and for all age groups.
  • Cheaper to build than Native apps.
    Leverages Google development technology and improves your SEO rankings


  • Does not support all hardware from devices.
  • Some features require a live internet connection to update.
Native iOS Apps.

Mobile Apps written and optimizes for specific operating systems, for iOS devices. Totally customized for the end users needs. Requires specialist coders for unique features. Popular due to the Apple brand and being the first and most popular App Store feature integrated into the iOS system.


  • Works on all iOS devices as they are designed for these users
  • Programs are generally robust.
  • Utilizes the hardware of the device, mainly due to the fact they are created for that specific device in mind.


  • Tend to be more expensive to build, as coders will need to consider each device it will run on.
  • Not as fast when compared to Progressive Web Apps.
  • Client now requires an Apple developer account, and to be approved by Apple.
  • Apple has a long and tedious process to approve apps, there is no guarantee an app will be approved the first or at all.
  • Needs constant updates when iOS updates, also end users don’t always update the apps in a timely manner.
  • Needs to be downloaded to the hardware device and stored.
Native Android Apps.


  • Created for the device’s hardware features.
  • Google marketplace required to download therefore apps meet a standard.
  • Support from Marketplace if you have issues using the app.


  • Needs approval from Marketplace before being published.
  • Developer account required.
  • Not all devices can be supported, new phone manufactures and models are always being released to the market.
  • Developer can’t know what version the users are using thus can’t guarantee if all the updates are installed by the user.
  • Although most apps are free, some require some form of monetary transaction to use or download.
  • Like all native apps, require more processing power from the device compared to a PWA.
Web Apps


  • Easier to maintain and cross multiple platforms like a PWA.
  • Does not require a developer account to publish.
  • Users don’t need to visit a specific app store to download.
  • Faster response compared to Native apps.


  • Limited scope to access hardware features. PWA will have more interaction with the hardware.
  • Web apps that support multiple browsers can increase development costs.
  • Users that user different browsers make it difficult to maintain usage and record data analytics.
  • Does not work in offline mode, needs an open internet connection for all activity.
  • Designed for your non-profit to engage your supporters with features like; RSVP & Reservations to Events and Fundraisers, Google Maps and Directions, share comments and photos from your supporters. Add Instant Donation buttons, highlight your partners and sponsors, QR Reader and mailing list creation.
  • Now is the time to start connecting and adding some features for your supporters to be better connected. This is the where your supporters are spending their time using mobiles in all aspects of their day for work and pleasure. Join them now.
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